We may think that lockdown is over, BUT the effects of it are still lingering around. the unemployment rate has spiked and this gives the thieves an advantage to break-in.

Ensure your vehicle is always locked even when parked in your garage. Do not leave doors open in your home unnecessarily. we all have social media and we have witnessed video clips of how easily people are being hijacked and robbed at their homes and even IN their homes.

Weather is another factor that can cause serious damage to your vehicle, winter may have left us but spring is here, with the rainy and windy days. Especially if you have big trees in the yard , low laying branches can easily break of and damage your car. If drains are clogged and excess water seeps into the undercarriage of your vehicle, it could also cause damage to the wiring of your car as well as computer boxes.

Accidents can still occur, a reckless driver loses control and crashes into your home, or even a truck for that matter.

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