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We all face the risks of theft, fire and accidents.
Without home insurance cover in place, you’ll never experience true peace of mind on the home front.

The importance of comprehensive household insurance in South Africa cannot be denied, as break-ins are unfortunately on the rise.

Apart from having your privacy invaded, the financial implications of a burglary or robbery can be immense. In addition to theft, accidents and fire also have obvious devastating and costly results.

Without home insurance, it would simply be too overwhelming to replace all your belongings. Don’t risk losing everything you’ve worked for – get the best household cover available by asking us for a quote.



Can I choose which home contents are insured?
Yes! The beauty of our household contents insurance is that you do not need to insure absolutely everything in the house.

You can choose which items should, and shouldn’t, be covered by your policy. This approach greatly reduces your premiums.

After all, your insurance company should be working for you by providing you with affordable home insurance for as little as possible.

Give us a call to see just how much choice we can offer you.

What does ‘household content’ include?

The answer to this question isn’t as simple as it seems. Each insurance company is different and each policy unique, which means that, sometimes, not everything is covered.

Some insurance policies work on specified items whereas others will cater to non-specified items within your home.

Household content usually includes furniture, appliances, clothing, electronic equipment, software and so on, but does not necessarily include the structure or building of your home with its fixtures and fittings (this is usually covered by building insurance).

Rest assured, AB Brokers will find the best insurance company and truly amazing household insurance quotes to suit all your needs.

Why ask us for a household insurance quote?

AB Brokers offers truly amazing household insurance quotes sourced from the best household insurance companies in South Africa.

Our service is designed to give you an unburdened insurance experience with the following key benefits:

  • Immediate Cover
  • Paperless registration handled right over the phone
  • An unburdened claims procedure

We are uniquely positioned to offer you the best home insurance in South Africa


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