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Arrangements can be made for our marketing agents to ensure personal visits to all dealerships wherein all unforeseen situations can be addressed accordingly and timeously to your satisfaction. We at AB Brokers would like to welcome the opportunity of being a business associate to your company and firmly believe it can be a mutually rewarding relationship going forward.

Is a fact well known that, regardless if you are the most careful and experienced driver, every minute you spend behind the wheel you are at the mercy of other drivers and as such, accidents happen and, unfortunately, we can’t predict the future to avoid such events from happening and the best we can do is to be prepared if the wheels of fortune decide to turn against you.

A good car dealer will know what kind of vehicle offer to each customer and wouldn’t it be great if you could also offer the right insurance coverage for the vehicle in question in a matter of minutes? Saving your customer the time and trouble to find one on their own.

We’ll not only compare quotes from the cheapest car insurance companies in South Africa, but also negotiate for cheaper rates on your behalf.

You can even consolidate all your insurance requirements through us and get instant quotes over the phone as well as competitive incentives.



Why choose AB Insurance Brokers?

We are aware of the wide variety of car insurance companies in South Africa and stand proudly above the rest.

We offer flexible car insurance to cover losses primarily accidents, hijacking or theft.

Our comprehensive car insurance in South Africa even covers losses due to fire (and explosions) as well as natural disasters (like hail and floods) and damage to the vehicle’s glass. Insurance quotes are just a call away!

Call us about our budget car insurance options and find out how cheap car insurance quotes can be!

Why compare car insurance quotes?

Insurance premiums are calculated according to each person’s risk profile. In essence, the higher your risk profile, the higher your premiums.

A new sports car, for example, will cost more to insure than an older family vehicle because the insurance claims are much more likely to be relatively high.

Similarly, if you live in an area in which car theft is rife, there is a greater likelihood that your car will be stolen and consequently a greater chance that you will make an insurance claim.

What is important to remember when insuring a car?

Always ensure that your car is insured for the correct use.

If you simply use your car to travel to and from work then you can take out car insurance for private use.

However, if you use your car to visit clients or transport goods, you will need to take out business use car insurance.

This is due to the fact that your car insurance risk profile increases if you drive and use your car more often.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Simply put, comprehensive car insurance with AB Brokers offers you absolute peace of mind.

Any and all accident damage, loss or even theft of your vehicle is covered from the moment you register (which is handled right over the phone in the language of your choice).


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