Here is how to do it ,

Here are tips for preparing your car for winter, and being a safe and vigilant driver.

The two most important tips especially if you are driving in icy zones with tons of frost or maybe even snow are

  1. Keep your windscreen clean and demisted and
  2. Check your tyre tread and pressure.

Visibility is key when driving in these wintery conditions, so making sure you windscreen, windows and mirrors are at all times clean and free of dust is essential. Not to mention, your windscreen wipers need to be in perfect working order. Speaking of essential, your tyre treads and pressure in your tyres are just as important especially if you are driving on slippery roads. Having your tyres inflated properly and retaining plenty of tread groove depth will help disperse water on the roads.  

Also remember, adjusting your brake & speed distance and Clean your bonnet, roof, and exhaust pipe regularly.When it comes to road safety – vehicle maintenance plays a crucial role, especially since road deaths in South Africa are among the highest in the world.

  1. Use antifreeze
  2. Care for your battery

And most importantly MAKE SURE YOU ARE SEEN.