The best advantage of vehicle tracking system is to keep track of where your vehicle is moving, especially in the event it was stolen.

What are the benefits of a tracking device?

The benefits of using vehicle tracking systems can be gained by fleet businesses such as rental cab operators, tour bus operators, delivery trucks, etc. These days, people are aware of the numerous benefits of a tracking system and therefore, there is huge demand in the market.

Real-Time tracking – You can track the movement of your vehicle on a virtual map when it moves from one point to another. Also, you will be able to see the vehicle speed along with the details of its location, status (whether it is in a parked state or moving condition) etc. Hence, multiple vehicles can be managed effortlessly using the feature.

Trip History – With this feature, you can track all the trips made by your vehicle, so far. Using GPS devices, you will be able to obtain information such as kilometers covered by the vehicle, idling, stoppages, average speed and engine performance.

Anytime, anywhere access – Today, you can get access to information at your fingertips anytime and from anywhere. A vehicle tracking system is a reliable investment as it is accessible both on the web as well as the smart phone.

Geo Fencing – Geofencing feature takes you to the next level of alert customization. You will be able to create geographical boundaries called geofences on the map around a particular area as per your preference.