Many people are victims of smash-and-grab attacks. if you didn’t know, thieves/criminals literally SMASH your windows & GRAB any valuable items they can get their hands one. In recent times and events, these criminals now use knives or guns to place the victim under duress. this then becomes a hijacking.

But there is always a solution – SMASH & GRAB Protection Film. This means, depending on your vehicle, you could pay more or less, in addition to the actual quality of the safety film. Most of the time this is a cost that is not included in your insurance quotation as you are expected to fit your own protective devices to limit the liability both you and your insurance provider face in driving an unprotected car. Most safety film is either polyester or PET and is described as shatter safe or shatter resistant – not shatter proof. The adhesive-coated film bonds to the glass and has a high optical clarity so that light continues to come in and out of the window

How do you protect yourself?

• Reduce the chances of becoming a target by moving all of your valuables to the boot or glove compartment.
• Smash-and-grab car burglars aren’t exactly criminal masterminds. Many simply act on impulse, so make sure to spot anyone who looks suspicious and raise an alarm if possible.
• Most of the time, smash-and-grabs happen at busy intersections in peak traffic. Make sure to stay most alert at those times.
• When you go to a dealership for smash and grab film, ask the right questions.
• If you see broken glass ahead of you it may be a sign that the intersection you’re heading towards is a smash and grab hotspot.