Being a car owner and driver comes with a lot of responsibilities that many people may overlook. Sure, you follow the road rules and you pay your car insurance, but are you really taking care of your car?

1. Did you know that resting your hand on the gearstick can cause you to unintentionally apply pressure to the selector fork and internal parts of your car? Over time, this habit can reduce the lifespan of the car’s gearbox components and can lead to gear noise.

2. When you don’t change your oil, it eventually breaks down and becomes polluted with dust and debris and that can cause problems for your car.

4. When you have a large load in your car, you’re putting additional strain on your brakes, tyres and engine. Your tyres and brakes may wear out quicker than normal, and, because your engine works harder to make your car move, engine damage may occur.

3. it’s important to make sure that the oil in your car warms up before you start applying too much acceleration – this is to ensure that the engine runs smoothly to prevent potential damage.

If you smiled and nodded at anyone of these points, guilty as charged!

Take our advice and be weary to make sure your vehicle is in TIP TOP Shape!

Drive responsibly!