With increasing fuel prices affecting the cost of owning a car, it’s also worth looking into ways to cut other related operating expenses. One place to start is car insurance. Many people just pick an insurer after they buy their first car and don’t look at the details of the policy for years, which could leave money on the table. Below are some ways to find the right policy and cut your premiums.

  1. Do an annual rate check
  2. Pick a top-rated insurer
  3. Maintain good credit score
  4. Set the right excess options
  5. Review your policy annually
  6. Report reduced mileage
  7. Choose the right car
  8. Skip comprehensive and collision coverage for an older car
  9. Get your quotes
  10. Take advantage of discounts. Discounts are available for drivers considered to be lower risk (older, married, and/or long safe driving record) or those who take a driver-training course

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