Accidents are called accidents for a reason, they do not happen by choice. If you are in accident & you are at fault, What do you do?


Ensure you have Third Party Insurance included onto your policy.

What is third party insurance you mat ask? This is cover that protects you financially against an accident that occurs and causes damage or loss to someone else’s property/vehicle. You are the first party, the insurer is the second party and the “someone else’s property/vehicle” is the third party.The third party can be another driver or business. All insurance covers have limits so to does a third party cover. remember Third party insurance covers ONLY the damages to the third party’s vehicle and NOT your vehicle. make sure your read the terms and conditions when taking out a Third party cover to make sure you know exactly whats covered.

Thinking of taking only third party cover and not full comprehensive cover? Third party cover is only worthy if your vehicle is very old and is not insurable for a full comprehensive cover. BUT if your budget is what you are looking at, you can take out a third party, fire and theft cover, thereby covering a third party’s vehicle as well as yours in the event of FIRE & THEFT but it WILL NOT cover you if you are in an accident.

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