Many South Africans are looking forward to taking a break over the Easter weekend. If you’re going on holiday, there are a few things you can do to protect your home and your vehicle.

1. Make sure your car is roadworthy

Make sure that your car is roadworthy for the safety of everyone you’re travelling with and to ensure a smooth claim process if you have an accident. Check that tyre tread isn’t worn out, your indicators and brake lights are working, and your brake pads are in an acceptable condition, the thickness of the friction material of the pad must not be less than 2mm

2. Get the right cover if you’re driving to a neighboring country

If you’re planning to visit neighboring countries, find out whether your policy covers you outside South Africa’s borders and get a letter from your insurer that you can present at the border. Most policies only cover you for damage to your car while it is outside of the country; you still need to buy liability cover for that country (either at the border or in advance from a travel specialist).

3. Keep your insurer’s emergency number on hand

Keep your insurer’s emergency numbers on hand. It may offer roadside assistance which you can call for help if you have an accident. A good home insurance policy will include 24/7 emergency assistance, such as a plumber, locksmith or electrician if something goes wrong at your home while you’re away.

4. Update your home policy if necessary

Double-check that your home contents are insured for their replacement value. Make sure that you’ve accounted for any new and expensive things you’ve bought and for the effects of inflation.

5. Specify expensive items you’re taking with you in your home policy

If you’re travelling with precious items like your golf clubs, notebook, jewellery or camera, make sure they’re all insured for their full value by specifying them in your home contents policy. You might even be able to pay standalone cover for them.

6. Do a home security check

Ensure that external locks and safety doors in your home are in good condition and securely locked before you depart. Also ensure that your alarm and electric fence are in good working order. Unplug all electrical appliances that will not be used & remember to switch off your geyser. Remember that it may be difficult to get a claim paid if your home is robbed and there are no signs of forced entry.

7. Keep digital records of your home contents

To make claiming easier, keep digital records of your home contents. Save videos and photos of your things and any receipts on your phone or in the cloud. You can use inventory apps on your phone to keep track of everything.