Sasria is the only non-life insurer who provides affordable, voluntary cover against unique risks such as civil commotion, public disorder, strikes, riots and terrorism to any individual, business, government or corporate entity which has assets in South Africa.

I have insurance – does this mean I need to purchase additional Sasria cover?

Sasria does not do direct business with the public, but is most likely included in your insurance cover, whether it’s home or business insurance. Ensure to check your policy schedule to check if you have Sasria cover.

In what scenario would Sasria cover me?

Business interruption

When there’s a strike or a riot, the likelihood of your business operations being interrupted is high. The Business Interruption from Sasria covers the loss of business that occurs as a result of such incident.


Whether is you are attending a business meeting, doing deliveries or transporting cargo across the country, your business vehicles are the life blood of your business. The motor cover from Sasria will cover your vehicles against damage or loss in motor cars, light delivery vehicles, commercial vehicles, motor fleet, motor traders, mobile plant, buses, bus rapid transport (BRT) and trailers in an event of these being damaged as a results of strikes or riots.

Construction risk

Sasria offers construction risk cover against loss or damage to a construction site, plant and tools following incidents such a strikes, riots, public disorder and terrorism.

Goods in Transit

Keep your business moving with the goods in transit cover from Sasria. This product covers all goods in transit only on South African soil, whether it’s through the land, air or sea such as marine cargo, marine hull, and inland water vessels.

Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs who own small businesses can have their assets protected against strikes, riots, protests, public disorder and terrorism. This cover applies to small businesses which have a total value of assets of up to R2 million.

And what does Sasria not cover?

Sasria does not cover you for consequential loss or damage, or loss or damage caused or contributed to by:

  • looting and theft, unless caused by any of the covered events mentioned above
  • property being dispossessed or confiscated by any lawfully established authority
  • the stopping or deliberate slowing down of work
  • any act of terrorism involving the threat of or actual use of any nuclear weapon or device and/or the threat of or actual use or release of any chemical or biological agent

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