It is immensely important to make sure that you update and renew your vehicle cover during this period to ensure your vehicle is covered for any unforeseen emergencies.

“But my vehicle isn’t being driven and is safe at home.”

Wrong, a vehicle can suffer from several kinds of damages during the coronavirus lockdown besides those resulting out of an accident,

Fire, theft, vandalism even natural disasters.

The only way to keep your car safe from such incidents is by keeping your vehicle insurance up to date and active even during the lockdown.

What is the Importance of renewing and updating your vehicle insurance you may ask?

Simple: NO ADDITIONAL LOSSES WILL BE SUFFERED, meaning, premiums up to date , information regarding your policy up to date? Will result in no rejections in the event of a claim, policy remains active therefore NO additional costs incurred to reinstate your cover.

Not sure how to renew or check if your policy is up to date?

That’s why you have us! AB Insurance Brokers will assist you with all the above and more!

Give us a call, drop us an email or simply send us a whatsapp and we will be glad to help!