It can be a nasty experience to be in a car accident. Other than the risk of injury, there can be a fair amount of admin that, let’s face it, no-one has time for. Now, can you imagine the devastating blow if your insurance claim is rejected?

While not the norm, there are a number of policy reasons why an insurance company might not pay you out. You want to be 100% confident your car is covered, so to avoid the chance of this happening to you, make sure you keep your vehicle insurance in tiptop shape with these suggestions:

  1. Provide full and correct details when applying, and update them as needed

Your full and updated details need to be with your insurance company at all times. It can present a big problem if you don’t disclose all details or misrepresent anything in any way (even if unintentionally!). Be honest and upfront from the beginning and remember to keep your insurance company informed should any details (like your address after moving) change.

  1. Always have a valid licence

Drivers of insured vehicles need to have a valid driver’s licence in their possession. If someone else is driving your car, make sure they also have a valid driver’s licence. If they don’t and are in an accident, your claim may not be covered.

  1. Pay monthly premiums on time

If you submit a claim and your monthly premium hasn’t been paid, then you won’t be covered.

  1. Never drink and drive

If you are involved in an accident and are found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your insurer may reject your claim, even if you weren’t responsible for the damage. If you know you might be drinking, rather catch an Uber or a lift with a sober friend.

  1. Keep your vehicle in roadworthy condition

If you make a claim and it’s discovered that your car isn’t roadworthy, your claim can be rejected on those grounds. Keep your car service records up to date and fix any problems as they arise to ensure your car is in the best condition possible at all times.

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