With the various insurers that AB Brokers deals with – we can most definitely guarantee that your vehicle will be covered for hail damage!!

Making reference to the weathersa, reports have come in off heavy hail damage set to reach across South Africa, but not worry, AB Insurance Brokers has our client covered!

Tips for preventing hail damage to your vehicle

Tip 1: If you’re on the road, try to find some sort of shelter such as a bridge or petrol station where you can park safely.

Tip 2: If it’s safe to do so, pull off the road (the hail will cause less damage when you’re not moving at a high speed).

Tip 3: If you’re unable to park in your garage, layer your vehicle with a thick blanket to minimize the impact of the hailstones.

Unsure of how to claim for hail damage?

Simply send us an email abbrokers@abbrokers.co.za , give us a call 0861 696 999 OR in keeping with the times send us a whatsapp on 0729302743.