In the case of unpaid debit orders relating to car,home or business insurance, this can have serious implications for the policyholder.

Firstly, What debit order date should you choose? Normally insurers request your pay date to ensure a successful debit order. We as brokers also have found that providing your pay date for your short term insurance premium is the best and most effective way to ensure you do not have unpaid premiums.

Secondly, Why should you not allow your short term insurance premium to be unpaid? One simple answer – NO PREMIUM = NO COVER. The sheer volume of unpaid debit orders means the insurer cannot individually contact each policyholder, and will simply process a double debit order in the succeeding month.No insurer is obliged to pay out a claim where the policy is terminated or even suspended due to non-payment

Lastly, Make sure that your premium is debited every month successfully thus ensuring you are covered.

if you require any assistance in respect to your debit orders for your car , home or business insurance, do not hesitate to contact us via email or even send us a whatsapp