During the festive season, the main priority for most South Africans is to get into their car and start the journey for their holiday destination. However, in their rush to start the festivities, many people often forget to protect their two most expensive assets, namely their motor vehicle and their home.

The increase in traffic over the festive period invariably leads to a higher number of road accidents making it vitally important for those who are planning to take a road trip or travel a long distance over the December holidays, to ensure that they are adequately prepared for any potential risks before they set off.

It is also advisable to ensure that your motor insurance policy will provide adequate emergency roadside assistance should the need arise. It is also vital to ensure that your home is properly covered while you are away.

Test the alarm you can either activate it on purpose to see the response; ask your alarm company to service the system before you go on holiday; or switch the electricity off to see if the battery is in a working condition. We know that you’d prefer to focus on celebrating and enjoying time with loved ones, the reality is that there are increased risks associated with this special time of year. 

Here are a few precautionary measures you can take to protect your valuable personal and business belongings:

  1. Lock your property at all times
  2. Have an alarm system installed
  3. Switch off all appliances before going on holiday
  4. Have someone collect your mail
  5. Make sure there is movement around your property
  6. Inform your neighbors if you are going away
  7. Don’t leave new packaging and gift wrappings outside your house
  8. Close all the windows and ensure your doors are locked
  9. Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings
  10. Check that someone doesn’t remotely jam your vehicle
  11. Take extra precautionary measures where possible
  12. Insure any new valuable assets immediately

Finally, if you are going away, here are a few things to consider:  if someone is going to be checking on your home, get them to switch on different lights around the house; make certain your linked alarm is working properly, if you are leaving a vehicle behind, make sure its tracking is functioning, if required, and that all subscriptions are up to date; switch off your geyser; do not leave any items, that may assist would-be burglars lying around, such as ladders or tools.

Let’s not dwell on all the doom and gloom. Ensure you have fun and enjoy this Festive Season, Most importantly be safe.