What makes a car? Well, it is a complex machine that is a blend of mechanical, electrical, and electronic parts. There is a lot of complex wiring inside the car, along with a few components that can cause a lot of friction. And not to forget, it has some flammable liquid as well. Though car manufacturers take a lot of care to ensure fire-related incidents aren’t that common, they remain a scare. While there are different causes for car fires, you, as a car owner, can take some precautions. Some of the leading causes for car fires include electrical failure of the car, fuel leakage, fire due to an accident, bursting of tyres, etc. Irrespective of the reason, fire in a car can be quite dangerous. In the unfortunate event of a fire while you are driving your car, it is crucial that you bring it to a halt at the earliest before taking the next steps.

As a car owner, there are a few steps that you can carry out to ensure that your car is safe from fire-related instances. Here are some of them.

1. Regular car service:

One cannot emphasise enough about getting your car serviced regularly. Periodic car service is one of the easiest ways of identifying issues with the car. The technicians inspect the car for a number of faults and issues. Even the ones that you might not be aware of or complained about. The electrical system of the car is one of the leading causes of fire. By sticking to the regular maintenance schedule, you will minimise the chances of fire.

2. Essentials before starting your car:

Of the several car fire safety tips, checking the essentials of the car is an important one. Before you start your car, take a quick look to see if any liquid is dripping, if there are any loose lids for oil storage, if there is a spark from the battery, etc. These simple steps can help you go a long way in ensuring that you detect any issues early and prevent your car from catching fire.

3. Avoid too many accessories in your car:

A fair bit of fire-related accidents occur due to short-circuiting. If, during the installation, proper care and measures are not taken, connections can melt due to a lot of heat. This can result in wires melting, eventually leading to a fire. A lot of light accessories find their way into the car, whether it’s LED mood lighting or door sill lights, or high-power headlamps.

If these aren’t installed carefully, or necessary heat sinks are not used, it can cause overheating. Thus, you must be careful not to put a lot of electrical and electronic accessories in the car.

4. No smoking in the car:

If you smoke a lot, it can be quite difficult to resist the urge to light a cigarette in the car. At such times, you must remember that your car comprises several flammable fluids, and a speck of fire or spark can prove to be fatal. It is thus essential that you do not smoke in the car. It will also keep your car smelling better and fresh.

6. Only use authentic chargers:

Some of the fires in cars are caused by phone chargers. A lot of these vendors cut corners to save on cost, and the products do not meet the necessary safety standards as well. Should the need to install a phone charger in the car arise, ensure that you only use authentic ones.

You can easily find a lot of authentic chargers online from reputed brands. Avoid buying cheap chargers from local vendors. When such chargers are left plugged into the source, they can cause short circuits, which can lead to a fire in the car.

7. Avoid opening the bonnet:

If you feel there is a fire under the bonnet of the car, do not open it completely. You can release the safety hatch but avoid opening the bonnet. On opening the bonnet, more air will flow into the engine bay, thereby aggravating the fire.

Apart from the above measures, you must also ensure that you opt for an adequate car insurance policy. A good policy will protect your car even against damages caused by fire. You can opt for THIRD PARTY CAR INSURANCE, but it does not offer a lot of coverage. A third party car insurance can protect you against legal and financial liabilities related to other vehicles and people. However, it will not protect you against fire-related accidents.

Comprehensive plans offer you better coverage, albeit a small increase in the premium. You can compare car insurance plans before deciding on the insurance provider. As you COMPARE CARINSURANCE, you can look at the different coverages and the premiums associated with them. It also lets you choose add-ons and visualise their impact on the policy premium.