Large parts of South Africa have been lashed by hail, tornadoes and heavy rains in recent weeks, causing flooding and extensive property damage. For those living in areas prone to extreme weather conditions, we offer some incite to clients on how to lower risks associated with property or personal injuries during these extreme weather events.

How to protect your vehicle

  1. If possible, use a GPS or Google Maps to search for covered parking facilities nearby (such as a shopping mall).
  2. Pull over at a safe location, take the floor mats from the car and place them on the roof, bonnet and boot lid, ideally securing them with a heavy weight.
  3. Cover your car with thick fleecy blankets.
  4. Think of investing in a low-cost vehicle carport.
  5. Ensure that your car is insured for the correct value and that you policy will cover hail damage.

How to protect your house:

  1. Clear gutters of debris frequently to ensure less chance of overflow that could lead to water push backs and potential internal water damage.
  2. Inspect the roof regularly and be vigilant about maintaining it.
  3. Keep trees and shrubs trimmed to prevent branch or debris damage to a home.
  4. Secure outdoor furniture or move it under cover.
  5. Ensure that your home and household contents are insured for the correct replacement value.

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