The rainy season may be refreshing; however, it doesn’t come without its extremities that can result in chaotic damage. Often times these extreme weather conditions result in violent hailstorms that can lay waste to houses and cars in a matter of minutes. In order to weather the stormy season, you need to be as prepared as can you be and avoid the worst where possible.

Here are some tips to help you protect your assets from the threats of mother nature:

Your car

Get under cover

  • Unfortunately, due to the unpredictable nature of hailstorms, getting out of their way isn’t always possible. The best protection for your car against the hail is under cover. Should you find yourself facing the storm, stay calm and look for shelter in a safe place – covered parking, petrol station or a bridge. Be safe when taking cover and consider other road users.

Use a hail cover

  • With every problem there’s a solution – even when it comes to hail. Having no access to covered parking doesn’t have to be a train smash, you can get a protective hail cover for your car. Simply ensure that you protect your car by putting on the cover when parking your car in an exposed area.

Take it a step further with fleece protection

  • The smartest way to avoid those dimples on your car is to at least put two layers of a fleece blanket on your bonnet before covering it with a protective hail cover. This method will minimise the hail damage to your car.

Your home

Take charge of your surroundings

  • It is essential to ensure that trees surrounding your home are cut down or shaped accordingly in order to avoid them falling onto your roof or smashing through your windows. Take stock of any other possible risks that surround your home and could cause damage during a storm; ensure that these are properly positioned and secured.

Clear your drains

  • Drain blockage can be triggered by the smallest item, from a plastic to a bottle or even a sheet of a newspaper. It is important to ensure that your outside drains are clean in order to avoid overflow as a result of melting hailstones which may result to flooding. Large pools of water can cause serious damage to the foundation and overall structure of your home.

Unclog the gutters

  • Clogged up gutters are the last thing you want to be dealing with when facing a storm – especially heavy hail. Ensure that you clear the gutters of leaves, twigs and any other debris regularly. Just like having a blocked drain pipe, clogged gutters can cause damage to your roof and result in leaks into the house once the hailstones melt.

Despite putting in place the best precautionary measures, a hailstorm can still catch you off-guard. If you happen to find yourself ‘hailed out’, contact your insurer for assistance.