The same amount of comparison and weighing of options you put into choosing your home needs to go into choosing the ideal insurance for your home and you. Having Buildings Insurance is essential for every homeowner, having the option to compare different insurers is just as essential.

When deciding on the best cover for your home, compare at least 3 different insurers based on the following factors:

  • Premium/pricing: with insurance we always tempted to opt for the lower premium, but what you don’t know is, opting for the lower premium may compromise on what you are covered for.
  • Value for Money: find out exactly what each insurer will cover your home for, some insurers require you to add additional covers to cover certain items in your home. So when you choose, make sure the insurer offers you adequate cover.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: query with family and friends even work colleagues who they are insured with and make out a pros and cons list.
  • Excesses: this by far the most important aspect | You need to consider what excesses are involved when you need to claim, the amounts & if you are prepared and able to cover these amounts from your own pocket.

Insuring with your bank? If your home insurance is currently covered by your bank, or if you’re buying a new home, don’t let the bank or the institute you’re taking your bond with force you into taking their option. Always compare with the other options that are out there to make sure you are getting value for money and that your home is in good hands.

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