Many people wonder if they need anything more than the most basic car alarm systems. If you’re in this boat at the moment, then consider the fact that most car insurance companies offer a decreased premium based on the type of alarm installed or tracker system

Basic car alarms tend to only cover the doors, which is unfortunately relatively easy for a thief to get around. The thief will most likely simply break your window and an alarm like this isn’t likely to even serve as much of a deterrent. On the plus side, these devices are not complex and many people save money by performing a self-install (DIY). The negative is that your car insurance company isn’t likely to offer you much of a discount but these alarms are certainly better than nothing if you’re on a budget.

More complex alarms feature a variety of the more advanced sensors, including motion detectors. Establishing the parameters for a siren trigger with these is a lot trickier and your neighbours may not thank you for attempting a DIY job here. Unless you’re an electrician you’d probably also have to spend on an installation service but, if you can afford this it will certainly be worth it.

Alarm features to consider

  • Targeted/priority door unlock (opens only the driver’s door)
  • Anti-glass breach audio system (prevents the loophole in that basic door sensor)
  • Tilt sensor monitors (in the event someone attempts to jack up or tow your car)
  • Starter kill (to combat hotwiring techniques)
  • Remote start-up (more for the convenience of having your vehicle ready for you)
  • Targeted motion sensors (add that extra bit of security around your trunk or cargo area)

Alternative car security

  • Steering wheel lock
  • Immobiliser
  • Gear lock
  • Tracking Device
  • Garage

Car alarms aren’t the only security measures out there. With the exception of a tracking device, the items listed above are cheap, easy to use and convenient security measures which your car insurance company should also consider. Start shopping around today for quotes, and reap the rewards of security and decreased insurance premiums.