Everyone loves a good bargain. The idea of getting a premium product or service cheaper is something we can all appreciate.

Get Your Car Insurance Comparisons Right 

Consider all your insurance needs when comparing quotes from an insurance company, including terms, conditions and affordability, and you be adequately covered at an affordable car insurance premium.

Choose Your Extras Wisely 

Buying a flashy car, kitted out with the best sound and interior may turn heads, but is it a good financial decision? You may be able to fit non-standard accessories on your vehicle, but before you make that decision, think about the effect it will have on your monthly car insurance.

Consider Your Excess

You could increase your excess to decrease your monthly payments and get that cheap car insurance, but it is important to consider whether you can afford the excess amount in the event that you make a claim. 

Consider the Cost of Car Insurance When Test-Driving

Consider your insurer and car insurance while you are still shopping for a car. This will help you decide which car to drive away with and give you an idea of the cost (cheap, affordable or high) you will pay for insurance.

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