Most of the time we think a write-off is a vehicle destined for the scrap yard BUT majority of the time it is a vehicle/s that still look decent but are just beyond repair & not worth repairing

Defining Car Insurance write-offs

Insurance companies work along very strict policies and procedures when covering your vehicle. In exchange for monthly payments, the insurance company agrees to pay your losses to restore the car in the roadworthy condition it was before the accident. However, if the damaged car cannot be safely repaired or if it would be uneconomical to perform work thereupon, the case could constitute a write-off.

The write-off process

Like any other insurance claim, the insurer will send out an assessor to inspect and determine the damages of your vehicle. The assessor then decides I f the vehicle is repairable or should be written off.

 What happens afterward?

When compensating you for the write-off, the insurance company essentially buys the damaged vehicle from you and becomes its new owner & thereafter Payout yourself or the finance house if the vehicle is financed One important thing to remember is that, if your car is still under financing at the time it is written off, you must immediately notify the financing company.

Can you disagree with a write-off?

If you disagree with the insurer’s decision to write off your car, and believe it can be repaired cost effectively, you have the option of appealing to the Ombudsman. It would however be wise to first attempt to escalate the matter within the Insurer in order to find a resolution prior to escalating same to the Ombudsman.