What Do I Need To Get Car Insurance?

Car insurance is a grudge purchase – no doubt about it. Nobody gets excited to see that debit order go through each and every month, thinking “if I didn’t have to pay for insurance every month I’d have so much money left”.  Or wonder why your premium might have gone up again this year; you get it. Insurance is very much a necessity for anyone behind an engine – Be it a motorbike, a car or an SUV for so, so many reasons.

Any vehicle which is being financed will require comprehensive insurance before the dealership will allow you to drive it off the showroom floor. If you were to be involved in an unfortunate incident driving out and being involved in an accident – your fault or not – you’d have a backup waiting at the ready for you; and that’s quite a relief, if you ask me.

So many insurance companies boast about how quick their turnaround time is, from applying for insurance to being covered being a seamless process, as well as the non-requirement for forms and all the admin that goes along with this somewhat cumbersome task.

You have to sift through the lesser-known insurers, the ones that need you to fill in a questionnaire form longer than a queue at the shopping centre at the end of the month. All that work to simply have a piece of paper essentially drawn up, promising a solution in the unfortunate event of a car accident. Seems like a very low risk/reward ratio to me.

That’s probably why insurance brokers exist. We do all the dirty work for you – so by simply providing your e-mail address, contact number and query on our website will be enough for us to reach you. You’ll need your ID, drivers license and a few more car related documents, but once you’ve submitted to us, your work is done.

Instead of having to call anyone yourself, AB Brokers offers you a one-stop shop solution. Yes, many companies offer this, but AB Brokers can assure you the best insurance rates on your vehicle- whether it is high-end, budget or regular cover.