An invasion into your home is not something you can predict –  but you and your family need to be prepared for such a situation.

Here are ways to protect your home and family from invaders.

Get a dog
Dogs have been known to intimidate people, especially home invaders – who would want to enter a home with a barking, snarling dog? If you cannot afford any electronical protective systems, you can always get yourself a dog but remember to train it so it does not accept food from strangers to avoid getting it poisoned by wrongdoers.

Burglar bars and security gates
With burglar bars and security gates installed on your home’s entry points, home invaders will have a tougher time trying to gain entrance – and therefore may rather not go to the effort of breaking in. Note that this doesn’t mean that they can’t gain entrance – it just makes it more difficult.

It takes practice!
No one expects their home to be invaded, but it is always wise to practice emergency drills for such unfortunate events. Find escape routes, assembly points and hiding spots – this is highly important as it could not only save your life but your family’s as well. The younger members of your family may even find it fun! Teach them to keep quiet, and follow your signals.   Regularly remind family of the routes to take should they find themselves in a predicament in your absence.

Communication is key at all times! Ensure that you have swapped contact details with people who work in your home or on your property, as well as your neighbours. Make sure you communicate regularly with them to ensure their safety and give guidelines that will help them know what to do if your home is invaded in your absence.

In case of emergency number
Your family should have a number to call in case of emergency. It may be a close family member or the SAPS as long as they know that someone will respond and assist where needed. Create a shortcut or speed dial of the numbers if possible so you can quickly reach the person you’re trying to get to.

In home invasion situations, all you need think about is protecting yourself and your family, especially if you have home insurance. Besides the risk of theft, invaders may be spiteful and damage objects that they can’t get away with. Just get a home insurance quotes and get covered today!