What’s not talked about a lot is driving when you’re fatigued.

We’re not talking about driving when you’re feeling a bit tired, We’re talking about driving when you’re probably drowsy and unable to concentrate on the road and what’s happening around you. Now, because driver fatigue is most often associated with drivers travelling over long distances and because the holiday season is just about upon us, we thought that it was the right time to talk about how dangerous this driving condition is and what you can do about it.

How you can tell if you’ve got driver’s fatigue

You might just be a bit tired, Or you could be on the verge of blinking your way into a little nap behind the wheel. The key differences lie in these following signs. If you start to experience any of these symptoms, then pull safely over at your earliest convenience. Don’t continue driving, whatever you do.

 Signs of driver’s fatigue:

  • You’re constantly yawning.
  • You have a noticeable loss of concentration.
  • You’re starting to day dream.
  • You’re struggling to focus (as in, things are looking blurry).
  • You’re battling to keep your eyes open.

What you can do about it

With the festive season fast approaching, loads of us are heading out across the country. This means that many of us will be hitting the roads and in some cases, enduring lengthy road-trips.

To help you avoid driver’s fatigue, we’ve gathered these tips:

  • Rest well before your trip
  • Plot regular breaks for your trip so that you can snack and stretch your legs.
  • Consider breaking your trip up over 2 days and turn the travelling part of your holiday into an adventure.
  • If you can do this, then share the driving with another driver in the car.
  • Once you start to feel drowsy or you’re battling to keep your eyes open, pull over at a designated rest stop and take a break.

Right, so before you set off for your holiday destination, make sure you’ve planned your route so that you can drive as safely as possible.

Happy planning!