Does seeing a cool car gadget give you the same thrill you had when your parents bought you a new toy? There’s no better feeling than discovering a cool invention you’re bound to use and we think that car gadgets take the cake.

Take a look at the awesome innovations designed to make life easier:

  1. Smart car adaptor

If you think a regular adaptor makes your life easy, then you’ll probably think the smart car adaptor is a gift from heaven. Please note, this is no regular adaptor! This adaptor will make your car your best friend – and it will prove its loyalty to you by simply being understanding. By plugging your car adaptor into the on-board diagnostics port of your car, you’d be able to retrieve information about your car you never knew it would be able to disclose to you. It can also connect via Bluetooth from your phone to your car.  Imagine something understanding your car so well it tells you what could be the reason for your engine troubles and it reminds you where you parked. Here’s to never getting lost at a mall again!

  1. A car without mirrors

The thought of driving a car without mirrors may seem strange. What would your car insurance company say when you’re making a claim and explain to them that your car doesn’t have mirrors? Trust us, it’s much cooler than it sounds. The Lexus UX has cameras instead of rear view mirrors. It may not be sold in South Africa yet, but we’re definitely looking forward to the day this marvellous car makes its debut.

  1. Dash cam

The infamous dash cam is not given the credit it’s due. Who would have thought we’d see the day where we can record everything on the road without physically using our hands? Yes, by mounting a dash cam to your windshield, you can record everything you see on the road – especially those drivers who break the law. They are especially useful after an accident as it records the smallest details you may have missed.

  1. A car key that understands you

The average car keys require you to press a button to lock and unlock it or just turn the key to unlock. The car keys we’re talking about are of an above-average standard that requires you to summon them. And by summon we mean: it tells your car to reverse and pull forward. That’s seems unheard of but we know better than to underestimate Tesla. The car key looks like a mini Tesla vehicle and can respond by reversing the car without needing anyone inside.

  1. Never run out of space

If you think Tesla’s key is cool, you’re going to love Pagani’s car keys even more…Not only does it serve its general key function, it is also a USB flash drive. So you can save your important files and memorable family pictures into your keys. It’s a combination that will come in handy whenever you need some ‘space.’

Technology is constantly evolving and never fails to disappoint when it comes to inventions specifically designed for a car. You better start saving because when some of these innovations land in South Africa, it will simply be difficult to resist.

As for technology constantly reinventing itself, why not evolve the way you do insurance by browsing through our online insurance quotes and saving yourself more time to ‘play’ with your 4-wheeled toys.