The number of car thefts happening in the country is only increasing every day. Buying a vehicle is a major investment and it is only natural to want to protect from any form of danger including theft, that is why it important to check if your vehicle has any additional anti-theft devices when making a purchase, alternatively you can choose to have them added on at your own cost, at a later stage.

How do anti-theft devices help?  

While it is impossible to prevent your vehicle from being stolen, you can always reduce the probability of it happening by making use of anti-theft devices. This is the purpose of an anti-theft device. Getting an anti-theft device will not only improve the security features of your vehicle but could also lower your insurance premiums. Most cars being sold today come with in-built anti-theft devices but if your car did not come with an anti-theft device you can always install one. The cost of the device will depend on the technology being used.

Benefits of anti-theft devices

Anti-theft devices can discourage thieves from attempting to steal the vehicle. Some insurers may offer you a discounted premium depending on the anti-theft device you have.

What are some of the popular anti-theft device?

There are a wide range of safety devices available in the market ranging from ignition cut-off to satellite tracking systems. You can choose the anti-theft device based on your requirements and the risks you wish to protect your vehicle from. Listed below are some of the popular anti-theft devices:

  • Electronic immobilizers – many vehicles that are sold come with standard keys that make use of microchip immobilizers. The microchips present in the keys will send the required signals to the fuel pump system and ignition. The ignition will function only if the correct signals are received.
  • Mechanical immobilizers– This is the most common and least expensive safety device available in the market. It is often recommended that you make use of these mechanical immobilizers in combination with other anti-theft devices that are available. The different types of mechanical immobilizers that are available include steering wheel lock, tire lock, gear lock and many more.
  • Vehicle alarm – This is also a common safety feature that is available in most of the vehicles. In the case of the vehicle being tampered with, the car will sound an alarm to notify of the tampering to the owner. This will alert everyone who is in the vicinity of the vehicle.
  • Satellite vehicle tracking systems – This system will provide the owner with real time location of the vehicle by making use of Global Positioning System (GPS). Vehicle tracking systems are generally effective and most often can recover a vehicle that is stolen.

You can choose any one these safety features based on your requirement. Try to choose a technology enabled system as this will be the most effective to detect any tampering with your vehicle.