Take a look at these top tips for ensuring your claim is paid:

Building maintenance

  • Insurers can reject a claim IF their investigators find the damage to your property could have been prevented before the incident occurred, how you may ask? Simple, be it your home or business, maintenance on your buildings must be done to avoid more damage that could potentially cost more than a claim or even cost you your claim.

Check appliances regularly

  • Just as your property needs TLC, so does your vehicle and appliances,

Honesty is the best policy

  • ALWAYS provide true and accurate information. Insurers appoint investigators and assessors on claims to make sure the information you have provided has corresponded with their findings. Claims being rejected on false information can cause a negative impact on your claims history going forward.

Keep your end of the bargain

  • Make sure ALL your premiums are paid on time ALWAYS

Ongoing updates

  • Always ensure even the slightest details on your policy have been updated. Be it an email address to deduction dates.

Last tip – Read through your policy terms and conditions carefully to understand exactly what you’re covered for.