Imagine experiencing a flat tyre, run out of fuel, or break down and get stuck on the side of the road. It can hinder your day or even your holiday. Now, there’s the added element of fear because you can’t be sure that the person coming along to ‘help’ you won’t also rob you or make things worse somehow.

Of course, it helps to know that you have roadside assist with your insurer to help. All insurers have road side assistance 24/7. But we also care about you while you wait for help to arrive, so here are a few things that you can do to stay safe until we get to you.

Move somewhere safe

Sometimes your car comes to a screeching halt, completely unexpectedly and you stop where you stop. But sometimes you can tell that your car is giving in… rumbling noises, slowing down, or puff of smoke. These warning signs should give you enough time to get to somewhere safe, like a fuel station or even just onto the side of the ride. Better that than in the middle of the road.

The most important thing is to stop your car somewhere safe so that you can call us.

Call your insurer’s roadside assist

They will be ready and waiting to get you out of a wide range of not-so-nice situations. For example, call outs for flat tyres or batteries and locked-in keys, as well as a delivery of fuel, free towing to your closest service provider or place of safekeeping

Make sure to read through your policy wordings and schedules to know exactly who to call!

Make sure to let them know of your exact location so that they can send you approved towing service, technicians, fuel or whatever it is that you need to get going again.

Keep a look out

Do you need to get out of your car? Alright, well if you do then it’s beyond important that you check your surroundings. You need to stay calm so that you can properly look out for traffic or any other dangers outside your car. If you feel unsafe at all, then lock your doors and stay inside the car until help arrives.

Don’t hide away

Help is on its way, but it’ll make everything a whole lot easier on said ‘help’ to find you if you’re easy to spot. So if it’s in your power at all, make sure that you’re stopped somewhere visible. And to make sure that other drivers can see you, flick on your hazards and parking lights.