With the rising fuel prices becoming a major problem in South Africa, it is important to know that sometimes the smallest changes could make the biggest difference. Things like regular services, correct tyre pressure and proper wheel alignment can make a significant difference to your fuel consumption and your pocket. We have put together some tips that could help to save on your fuel consumption.

Give your vehicle some TLC

A well-tuned engine will save a surprising amount of fuel. All it takes is some simple maintenance and routine servicing.

lighten your load

The more weight you carry on your vehicle; the more fuel you use. So keep your boot and back seats clear of unnecessary items (e.g. Golf Clubs).

Are you turned on or off?

Keeping the car on idle isn’t going to get you anywhere. If you are in a queue, or waiting for someone more than 10 seconds – switch off your engine.

Easy does it

The higher the gear you drive in, the lower your engine speed, which can improve fuel efficiency, so be sure to move up a gear when the car can comfortably do so.

Slippery customer

Opening your windows and piling bikes and boxes on the roof of your car can heavily impact your fuel efficiency by increasing the drag on the air. Driving faster will also increase the wind resistance you encounter, causing your vehicle to use more fuel.

No drain, no pain

Anything that puts a drain on your battery will put a drain on your fuel economy – like air conditioning. Worse still is a battery that is in poor condition. So keep a check on the health of your battery.

Timing is everything

Driving in heavy stop-start traffic is going to negatively affect fuel economy. So try to avoid the rush hours when you can. You will really notice the improvement is fuel consumption.

The fuel rule

Not all fuels are the same. Better fuels burn more efficiently and can improve fuel economy. So always choose one of high quality.

Get pumped up

Correctly inflated tyres are not only safer but lasts longer. It will also improve drag on the road, improving overall fuel economy.

We hope that with some of these changes you will be able to save on your fuel costs and keep your car running more efficiently.