Although insurance is not legally required for South Africans, it is a very important cover to have, be it for your home, car or business even life or medical aid cover.

Having to fix your vehicle damages due to an accident or maybe someone broke into your home, or worse, its winter and your geyser gives way!!

Knowing you have cover for all these aspects gives you that added peace of mind. Imagine paying for the damages from your own pocket? Shake that thought off, AB Insurance Brokers is here to help!

Whether you are a first time home /business owner, or you are scouting for that dream car, taking into consideration the downfalls you need to avoid when comparing quotes. Here are tips when shopping for reliable cover:

  • Find various comparison quotes to suite your pocket, understand and read the fine print when selecting your quote. The quote/cover you choose MUST benefit you as the client.
  • Opting for the cheapest premium/quote is not always the best option, your day to day activities must align with the benefits you receive.
  • Always be HONEST! A little white lie can cost you a claim rejection or even a lower premium BUT HIGHER EXCESS! The information you provide must be 100% accurate.

To get the best possible comparison quotes and premiums, contact AB Insurance Brokers and we will gladly assist.