When you lend your car to someone, no matter who is driving, it’s your vehicle insurance that covers the driver, your car. This means that, if there’s an incident, big or small, it’s your policy that’s affected.

When someone borrows your car, what they are really borrowing is your car insurance. So, whoever borrows your car must drive by your rules and respect the rules of the road.

Stay in the driver’s seat when lending your car.

  • Make sure the borrower has a valid driver’s license.
  • Make your car rules clear: such as no speeding or eating in the car.
  • If someone borrows your car, they can’t lend it to someone else.
  • Agree on where and how the car can be driven.
  • Give a little tutorial, so they’re comfortable finding wipers, indicators, and other controls.
  • Show them where they can find a copy of the registration and proof of insurance.
  • Inspect the vehicle before it goes out.
  • Check the odometer to track agreed-upon mileage.

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