Cheap Car Insurance South Africa – Who Are South Africa’s Top 5 Cheap Car Insurance


In South Africa, car insurance is an additional cost carried by the driver or owner of any motor vehicle – whether it is bikes or cars, trucks or scooters. This additional cost is only mandatory in instances where vehicles are purchased through A financing house – there are no other rules stipulating a driver must be in possession of current insurance when driving a personal motor vehicle.

In places such as the USA, however, car insurance is part and parcel of driving or owning any vehicle. Being caught driving a car without valid and current insurance is a punishable offence.

While us South Africans might consider ourselves “lucky” in that valid insurance is not a pre-requisite, we need to remember the implications of not having insurance (LINK).

That being said, motor vehicle insurance is not always cheap, nor affordable. That’s why we’ve looked around to find some of our countries’ cheapest car insurance companies.

While this is not an official ranking, it’s safe to say that these companies can and likely will offer you a competitive quote.

If you’re not feeling up to having to undergo all the questions, tedious confirmations and safety checks. Another option to consider when trying to save money on your monthly car insurance, is to opt to work through an insurance broker. They are independent bodies who will source and negotiate the best prices for you – they’re the guys who do the dirty work.

Without further ado, here’s our list of South Africa’s most budget-friendly car insurance companies!

Cheap Car Insurance Companies South Africa

Prime Meridian Direct

What do they have to say?

“South African motorists need innovative, tailored car insurance products that are affordable and cost-effective. However, you describe it, car insurance such as this could help millions of South African motorists. The South African Rand has depreciated by more than 60% in the last three to four years. Consequently, the price of imported vehicle parts has sky rocketed, steeply pushing up the cost of vehicle repairs and the average car insurance claim amount with it. In addition, the price of vehicle recovery and salvage has risen dramatically too with up to 40% of the average R20 000 claim going to the cost of getting the vehicle from the site of the accident to the repairer.”

MiWay Car Insurance

What makes MiWay stand out?
“Affordable premiums. An easy-to-understand excess structure. Great customer service – and the ability to manage your policy yourself online. A hassle-free claims process – claim online or via our App. Free roadside emergency assistance *. Free WeDrive (MiWay’s take-me-home service) trips *”

King Price Insurance

What does KingPrice have to offer?

“We know that car insurance is a grudge purchase but, with 10 million cars on the road in South Africa, it is necessary. So, we try to take the “eina” out of your insurance options. You’ll find that we don’t take ourselves too seriously but we take what we do very seriously… Like offering the same comprehensive insurance cover as everyone else, just at our cheapest possible price, and always with our own special brand of award-winning  royal service. We offer value-for-money and service with a  smile. So why pay more??”

Old Mutual iWyze

What do they have to say about themselves?

“You have high standards when it comes to your vehicle, so choose Old Mutual iWYZE as your wise and experienced insurance partner to keep you in the winning league with reliable car insurance at affordable premiums, real benefits and an excellent Cash Back Bonus. Whether you drive a car, bakkie or 4X4, ride a motorcycle, or travel with a trailer and caravan, stay on the road to success with iWYZE as your trusted travel companion.”


What does Outsurance have to say?

“Key Features: Cash OUTbonus, Fixed excess structure, Free Help@OUT emergency assistance”

“Our Car insurance product gives you more than what you bargained for! Car insurance cover comes standard with a range of benefits, such as a fixed excess, 12-month guaranteed premiums, fast claims settlement and a cash OUTbonus of 10% of your paid premiums back after three claim-free years. We also cover hail damage as standard and you get free Help@OUT roadside emergency assistance, 24/7, whether you’re stuck with a flat tyre or you’ve run out of fuel.”

Whether you’re still considering insurance overall, or shopping around – make sure you get at least 3 quotes from various insurers. Compare each insurer’s quote to see what they will offer when compared with how much they will charge you, and decide only from there what will suit YOUR needs best.