hijackings are a very scary reality in South Africa heres some advice on precautions you could take:

  • Do Not enter you driveway if you see suspicious activity on your street.
  • Be alert before opening the gate on you property
  • ensure that your gate closes automatically or at high speed.
  • conatct the police if anything suspicious happens in your area
  • know your surroundings, be vigilant and look out for strange vehicles or people.
  • do not disembark from the vehicle if you feel targeted ina road incident, signal to the motorist and drive to the nearest police station.
  • be careful about exposing your valuables at airports, shopping centres, petrol stations and traffic lights.
  • give yourself enough following distance between vehicles in front of and behind you.

“Never underestimate that you could be watched. Focus on what’s around you. Be overcautious. Your life is way more important than your car.”